type.lites holiday scents are here!

holiday fragrances

we can’t believe it, but holiday is already here!

we are SO excited to unveil our holiday scents for 2014. we’re bringing back some old favorites and introducing some new scents that we’re sure you will love. here’s our 2014 holiday line-up:

… seasoned favorites …
- first snow: a cheery mix of mint, pine and soothing jasmine
- pomegranate cider: a twist on the traditional cider notes of apples and cloves, topped with pomegranate tart.
- twilight frost: blend woods and amber with a sparkle of mimosa, plus vanilla, berries and apricot nectar

… new kids on the block…
- amaretto: nutty liqueur topped with creamy vanilla
- winter berry: subtle woody tones blended with ripe currant berries, cinnamon and mellow citrus.

we’ll have these at all of our upcoming shows and look out for them at your local retailers right now as well as in our shop.

what do you think? leave us a comment!

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