small business saturday

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, typeliters!

We can’t believe how quickly the holidays have arrived. The year seems to be passing by so quickly! We have a lot to be thankful for this year, especially for all of the support you have all given us. We’d like to encourage you to continue to shop small this holiday for Small Business Saturday (and Plaid Friday for you Oakland folks!). This is an important and fun day for our local communities and really shows how shopping small can make a difference in our neighborhoods. So once you’ve recovered from your turkey coma, support our fellow small businesses and get your type.lites fix!

why shop small infographic

it’s time to shop small!!

shop small

happy small business saturday, type.liters!

we hope you’ve well recovered from your food coma and saved some of your shopping bingeing for today: small business saturday! we are so proud to be a part of this growing movement in its third year and gaining speed. the idea that we all can support small, local businesses and grow our communities is something we are all for. after all, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our amazing retailers. so go now, and get your type.lites fix at one of these fabulous locations!

p.s. have we mentioned this cool popup that’s featuring us this weekend??¬†happy shopping!