welcome, teakwood spice!

we’re back with a new scent profile for our newest signature fragrance: teakwood spice. we recently introduced teakwood spice to the world at renegade sf and the response was great. you all loved it! and so, we knew we were on the right track.


the woodsy aroma of teakwood spice is masculine with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, amber and musk. topped off with black pepper, this fragrance blends woods and spice together for a moody and enticing scent. this is definitely one for the man-dle family.

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introducing… cobalt and expletive!!

hi again typeliters! today we are giving you a sneak peek of our official launches for this weekend: cobalt and expletive. we’ve been working on these two new lines for months now, and we’re so excited to finally unveil them!

first up is cobalt, our essential oil based line, housed in beautiful blue glass. these scents are based on tranquil notes and are perfect for a day of relaxation and yoga. we’re loving the luxe look!

type.lites cobalt lemongrass tea

and here’s expletive: think of our signature line but in new bigger vessel. we’ve designed these to have a life after the candle burn. a hidden surprise awaits, plus the coin slot on the top lets you collect all that leftover change to save up for something good!

type.lites expletive

it’s been hard to keep these babies a secret, but we are so happy to unveil them! come on by renegade this weekend to get your type.lites fix, or order online today!

our blog is fixed… and renegade this weekend!

we're back!

apologies for the radio silence, typeliters! we had some issues with our blog and are happy to report that it’s gotten a facelift and is running again!! so from here on out, we’ll be posting a bit more – and we’ve got loads to tell you about what’s in the works!

this weekend, we’ll be at renegade san francisco, one of our favorite summer events. come on by and check out what’s new at booth #166. for more details, go here.

renegade 2014 san francisco

special thanks to our friend Eric over at sos bakeshop for coming to our rescue with our blog!! we’re still building out a few more features, but for the most part, we’re super excited about a clean slate on our blog. so, hello again, world!!