recap: unique sf

happy thursday type.liters! hope your 4th was full and fun.

this past weekend we set up at uniquesf at the concourse exhibition center and had a great time. after much preparation, we were super excited to debut a a new fragrance and new booth setup, as well as hang out with some of our favorite fellow vendors from around the bay and southern california.

we featured genevieve of le petit elefant on our blog in april and our obsession with her adorable prints continues. and boy were we excited when she stopped by our booth!

our friends from genuine haha and intwined were in attendance, both of which starred in our spot.lites (here and here, respectively).

of course we couldn’t go through the weekend without doing a little shopping for ourselves. check out the name plates we had custom made by the urban smith.

special thanks to sonja and the unqiuesf crew, as well as to our numerous interns who helped us get our booth together. we couldn’t have done it without you!

finally, we are announcing the winners of our raffle: zach and lisa! congrats to our lucky winners, who will both receive $50 to use at our online shop.


spot.lite: genuine haha

we’re excited to introduce a new segment to our blog this week: spotlite. here, we’ll be giving you an extra special look behind some of our favorite companies. we’re so happy to be doing what we’re doing and to be supported by the best of our peers, this is our way of sharing a little something about them with you.

today, we are featuring genuine haha, and the creative mastermind behind it, tony bui. we go way back with tony, since our first stompings at san jose state and now to the craft fair scene. in the last several months, we’ve witnessed tony’s genius translate through his hilarious and sentimental card line. his illustrations of fun-loving characters paired with his unique personality and wit are bringing a brand new voice to greeting cards. here’s what he had to say to type.lites about his beloved, genuine haha.

how/when did you start genuine haha?
The idea started when people started complimenting my Facebook birthday wishes and saying how funny they were. I liked the idea of combining my humor with a whimsical illustration sense to create a different type of greeting card which was intended to be cute and boisterous. I started designing and concepting the cards early in 2011 but we officially became a business as of August 2011.

where do you come up with your ideas/concepts?
They are all based on life experiences from myself, family and mostly drunk friends.

if you could pick someone to be your #1 fan, who would it be?
I didn’t think I had a #1 fan until my last show at Unique LA. She said she randomly found my blog, read all the entries and was excited to buy a card from me at the show. I wanted to hug her but thought it would have been too creepy.

what’s the most exciting thing that’s happened since you started genuine haha?
I love watching people’s faces light up when they read the cards and laugh. Also, I recently got a compliment for the way I styled my hair. That was exciting b/c I didn’t know how to respond.

what are some things you can’t live without?
My computer, Reddit and my Vick’s nose inhaler.

what’s your current obsession?
Community! Oh my god, I love that show so much. I can easily befriend anyone that watches that show.

favorite typeface?
It was Helvetica until I saw the movie, “Helvetica.” Now, I am all about Futara. It’s so sexy.

favorite blogs/websites?
Reddit. The Awesomer. Visually. Apartment Therapy.

favorite starburst flavor?
This is against my religion. My body is a temple and I only eat milk chocolate.

favorite superhero of all time?
Daredevil. What? Yes, I know the movie sucked so hard but I followed his amazing comic for almost five years.

favorite ninja turtle?
Raphael. But I actually like the bad guys more, they are so eccentric.

favorite type.lites product/scent?
Bartlett Pear!

if you have a birthday, anniversary or any other card-worthy event coming up, genuine haha has the perfect card for you. our special thanks to the tony, check out his cards here.