blogshop sf

now that i’ve finally having a chance to catch my breath and reflect on the excitement of the last few days, i have to tell you about my incredible weekend interning for bri and angela‘s blogshop. after spending 2 full days watching these talented ladies teach the ins and outs of photoshop, i can say with full confidence that they sure do know their stuff!

the class (some had never opened photoshop) learned everything from animating gifs to creating mood boards to skin retouching. it was great to see their skills evolve over the 2 days.

after being surrounded by so much creative energy and enthusiasm i’m still on inspiration overload and feel lucky to have been part of this amazing workshop. thanks to bri and angela for the opportunity! keep up the great work ladies!

sign up here to snag a spot in a blogshop in your city. i highly recommend it! hope all of you are having a productive week. get out there and get inspired!

- tricia

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