type geek: my better half

today’s segment, type geek, is inspired by our love of all things typography. even if subconsciously, type influences everyone‘s lives and we love how it conveys a range of feelings, from power to quiet to cute to fun. consider this our column LOUDLY proclaiming our love of and for type.

we instantly fell in love with amanda jane jones’ blog segment My Better Half, when we saw how she applied a fun fact about each person to an image with type. plus she added fun graphics to help illustrate the person’s personality. with each couple she features, we see a common graphic theme, but also an individuality to show each couple’s uniqueness.

amanda introduced her column by saying, “I hope it will be a fun and unique way to introduce different artists and bloggers. The column will feature a different couple each week, complete with a short bio and three interesting “facts” for each person… illustrated icons included (of course!) I’m excited to see how it goes.” and we are so excited to share with you amanda’s adorable blog and her wonderful featured couples. which couples are your favorites?

if you’ve seen a type geek-worthy site or blog worth sharing, let us know in the comments. happy tuesday everybody!