shop talk: burn time

we get asked about burn time a lot. the truth is, burn time varies even between the same candles. it can vary due to environmental aspects like drafts or vents and high traffic areas or even be affected by the wick length.

in general, burn periods should be based upon the rule of 1 hour per inch of candle diameter. so for a 3 inch candle, a 3 hour burn is optimal. burning for at least an hour lets the wax burn evenly to the edges but will also avoid burning the entire candle to pure liquid. this will preserve optimal burn time.

trimming the wick properly is also important to burn time as it will ensure no debris is caught in the burn pool, as well as limit the amount of soot due to excess wick material. be sure to trim the wick before every burn, keeping it to 1/4 inch. with our wood wicks, snap the burnt portion of the wick down to 1/4 inch and then light where the wick meets the top of the wax.

just by keeping burn time consistent and trimming wicks, a candle’s burn time can be significantly better, ensuring there’s plenty of type.lites candles to go around.

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