oakollectiv = oakland love

we are thrilled to announce that our popular 8oz candles are now available for purchase at Oakollectiv, a brand new pop-up store in the heart of downtown oakland. Oakollectiv is the collaborative efforts of two designers, Penelope Adibe and Rachel Konte. their products include an eclectic mix of men and women’s apparel and vintage modern housewares. but what we love most about these goods is that its all made by Oakland residents who run their businesses locally.

from the homemade plant boxes to the hand painted wall murals, the space itself is nothing short of amazing!  they’ve done a fabulous job keeping the store crisp and clean without losing that urban oakland vibe that we love so much.

did we mention Penelope and Rachel each have their own clothing lines? NNEKA by Penelope Adibe, Afrobuddha by Rachel Konte and Guerilla Clothing by Guerilla Café (designed by Rachel Konte). when do these ladies have time sleep?!




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