holiday 2013


hello dear type.liters!

today, we reveal this year’s holiday line and we are SO happy to bring these babies back!

it’s the return of gingersnap cookie, twilight frost and first snow!!! and to top off the excitement, we are introducing a new holiday favorite: pomegranate cider. here’s a breakdown of these irresistible scents:

TWILIGHT FROST: blend woods and amber with a sparkle of mimosa, plus vanilla, berries and apricot nectar
GINGERSNAP COOKIE: the comforting scents of warm cinnamon and ginger with buttery dough
FIRST SNOW *last year’s show exclusive* : a cheery mix of mint, pine and soothing jasmine
POMEGRANATE CIDER *new*: a twist on the traditional cider notes of apples and cloves, topped with pomegranate tart.
check out our retailers to pick up your favorite seasonal fragrances, or come by one of our shows this season and smell them all!

what do you think? leave us a comment!

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