fragrance focus: seaglass

happy wednesday, type.liters!

today, we bring to you our first installment of fragrance focus. we’ll be giving you more information behind the inspiration and ingredients of our signature scents.

for our first focus we are profiling our newest addition to the family, seaglass. if you remember back in may, we were happily in attendance at urban air market, where we poled our lovely patrons on their favorite of four new scents. it was clear from the beginning that seaglass had a good chance of winning, even if the type.lites team had their own favorites (more to come maybe??). but there was an overwhelming response to seaglass and we knew our urban air market friends would lead us in the right direction.

oceancitrus | fresh rain | woods

so here we are, introducing seaglass to the world. those of you who joined us at uniquesf, had the first opportunity to snap seaglass right up for a test drive at home. the main components of seaglass are the marine and rain scents, accompanied by subtle wood notes and a hint of citrus. maybe it was the scent of the beach and summer that we’ve been obsessed with that made us love this scent. or it could be how much we’ve been craving a tropical vacation. either way, we hope you’ll take a whiff and let us know what you think.

what do you think? leave us a comment!

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