we’re local!!!!
we hand-pour and hand-package our candles in the san francisco bay area. we source local supplies, as well as recycled, salvaged and vintage materials.

soy wax vs paraffin wax. whats the diff?
we use soy wax made from 100% pure soybeans. it’s all natural, biodegradeable and burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax. it also comes from a renewable resource, making it extremely eco-friendly. our wax is proudly made in the usa. for more info, see this post about soy wax.

traditional paraffin wax is made from petroleum by-products and it’s a common wax used for candles since it is very inexpensive to produce and therefore cheaper in price.

wood wicks? seriously?
yes, we use wood wicks in our container candles. they burn closer to the wax and can be trimmed simply with a napkin by snapping off the burned portion. they are all natural and emulate the crackling sounds of a fire while burning. for more info, see this post.

what’s your burn time?
burn time varies from candle to candle for several reasons. typically, a 3 hour burn period for our 8oz candle will get the best results. burning a candle longer than 4 hours at a time will significantly reduce your overall candle burn time. this is why we encourage everyone to keep their burn time similar to 3-4 hours each time to get the most effective burn time. for more info, see this post.

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