current obsession: nightstands

there are many nights when the type.lites team is working in the late hours and all we want is to crawl into our beds and doze off into next week. but still, we burn the midnight oil (harhar) because we love what we do and we love sharing with our fans all the things that are going on in our world. so, often, when we are dreaming about going to bed, we are also just dreaming of being in bed, propped up next to some nightstands like these.

suitcases / cheesebox hexagon / steps / ladder / wood

talk about some simple and genius ways to dress up your bedside! you’ve probably noticed our obsession with suitcases if you’ve been to any of our shows (e.g. here and here). so suitcases as a nightstand? we’re in! and probably enough said with the ladder too… but what about infusing geometric shapes and organic materials to the bedroom? these are also great ways to shelve your bedside reading, glasses and perhaps a fragrant candle or two…

what nightstands are you dreaming of?

what do you think? leave us a comment!

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