culinary cravings: strawberries

good morning type.liters! today, another installment of culinary cravings. we’ve been inspired by strawberries lately, at the farmer’s market, grocery store and of course all over the web. so they are the perfect subject for today and hopefully this post will keep you satisfied throughout strawberry season.

you can’t have strawberries without shortcake, so how about a fun twist by adding almonds? we can’t forget strawberry iced tea or macarons for our sweet tooth and to include something closer to the savory side: a quinoa, spinach and strawberry salad. try one or a few of these and let us know what your favorites are. enjoy!

shortcakes / iced tea / macaroons / salad / caramel / butter

2 Thoughts on “culinary cravings: strawberries

  1. Thanks for including my salad! What a great round-up.

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