shop talk: soy wax

today we are introducing an ongoing series discussing some key type.lites ingredients. we are very proud of how we’ve designed our line, and would like to share some of the reasoning behind our design. think of this as an ongoing candle faq. and if you have more questions for us, comment or email us so we can address them here!

so WHAT is soy wax and WHY use it?
soy wax is derived from soybean oil that has gone through the hydrogenation process, producing a solid wax. our soy wax is domestically produced and most of soy wax in the world comes from the united states. when we receive soy wax, it comes in flake form and we then melt it down to eventually pour them into containers.

we love soy wax for many reasons. soy wax is a renewable and biodegradable resource and one that is sourced domestically. it also burns cleaner and slower than traditional paraffin wax. this results in less soot as well as a longer lasting candle. we believe in being eco-friendly, and this is just one more way that we can live our lives more responsibly.


fragrance focus: vanilla sugar

today’s fragrance focus features vanilla sugar. we love this scent for it’s reminiscent effect – reminding us of mom’s baking or our favorite neighborhood bakery. if you love the idea of brown sugar and creamy vanilla together wafting in the air, then you’ll also enjoy how this fragrance gives you that cozy, familiar feeling of home.

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behind the scenes

there will be a flurry of activity over at the candle factory today. we have some cool projects in the works so we’ll be pouring candles like crazy to make sure our shelves are fully stocked! here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of our little lab. we take pride in the fact that every candle is hand poured by us. talk about quality control!

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{photos by type.lites}

fragrance focus: summer breeze

we’re featuring summer breeze today for our fragrance focus.

this faintly fruity and fresh scent is a favorite among those seeking more subtle smells. with notes of pink hibiscus, honeydew, green apple and mandarin, it definitely reminds us of the season’s best produce. if you like the aromas of ripe orchards or a fresh pick from the farmer’s market, this will fit in perfect with your candle wardrobe.

enjoy this beautiful summer day!

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the perfect gift for you and your makeout partner!

happy thursday type.liters!

today we are spotlighting our comedic little make out kits… just in time for valentine’s day. these perfect packets of joy contain one baby jar candle (available in an array of scents) along with all of the supplies for a pucker fest. our custom tins come packed with breathmints, toothpicks and matches to set the mood, as well as essentials like chapstick and a mirror to make sure you’re all ready to go. you can pick up one of our make out kits here, and don’t forget to put that do not disturb door sign up!**

*please note, type.lites is not responsible for results caused by use of these make out kits. please make out responsibly. thank you.