type.lites holiday scents are here!

holiday fragrances

we can’t believe it, but holiday is already here!

we are SO excited to unveil our holiday scents for 2014. we’re bringing back some old favorites and introducing some new scents that we’re sure you will love. here’s our 2014 holiday line-up:

… seasoned favorites …
- first snow: a cheery mix of mint, pine and soothing jasmine
- pomegranate cider: a twist on the traditional cider notes of apples and cloves, topped with pomegranate tart.
- twilight frost: blend woods and amber with a sparkle of mimosa, plus vanilla, berries and apricot nectar

… new kids on the block…
- amaretto: nutty liqueur topped with creamy vanilla
- winter berry: subtle woody tones blended with ripe currant berries, cinnamon and mellow citrus.

we’ll have these at all of our upcoming shows and look out for them at your local retailers right now as well as in our shop.

introducing… cobalt and expletive!!

hi again typeliters! today we are giving you a sneak peek of our official launches for this weekend: cobalt and expletive. we’ve been working on these two new lines for months now, and we’re so excited to finally unveil them!

first up is cobalt, our essential oil based line, housed in beautiful blue glass. these scents are based on tranquil notes and are perfect for a day of relaxation and yoga. we’re loving the luxe look!

type.lites cobalt lemongrass tea

and here’s expletive: think of our signature line but in new bigger vessel. we’ve designed these to have a life after the candle burn. a hidden surprise awaits, plus the coin slot on the top lets you collect all that leftover change to save up for something good!

type.lites expletive

it’s been hard to keep these babies a secret, but we are so happy to unveil them! come on by renegade this weekend to get your type.lites fix, or order online today!

we’ve moved!

sorry for the silence, typeliters! it’s been a rough few weeks for team type.lites. we have gone through some local personal moves, while also moving type.lites headquarters to a new workspace. saying goodbye to our former homes as well as the original type.lites factory was definitely an emotional process and we wouldn’t be where we are today without lots of blood, sweat and tears in those spaces. but out with the old and in with the new, right?!


we’re so excited to share our new space… once it’s up and running of course! so excuse the silence and stay tuned for our introduction to type.lites factory 2.0!

poppy red flowers

Happy Thursday, type.liters!

Please welcome to the type.lites family: Poppy Red Flowers!

We are so excited to add our first Alameda location and we couldn’t be more enamored with Poppy Red’s adorable space! This shop right on Park Street started as a street stand and has grown to house more than just your typical flower shop faire. Owner Karim┬áPreuss has curated the shop with an assortment of home and gift items, from kitchenwares to home accessories to even eberjey lounge pieces and locally made jewelry and paper goods. And who doesn’t love a hand-tied bouquet of flowers? Stop on by Poppy Red Flowers and get your gift on, along with your type.lites fix!






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