oh, friday!

happy friday typeliters! we are working away to prepare for sunday, but here are some things we got happily distracted with during the week. see you Sunday at urban air market! we’ll be on octavia between ivy and grove from 11am-6pm.

{image via wendesgray; type by type.lites}

documentary fans unite! some great documentaries to netflix tonight.

some great five rules of life. and another five.

how the lovely oh joy! would wear a chambray shirt. love the sketches too!

dreamy handmade ceramics.

american airlines could use a facelift…and it should look like this.

seinfeld foodies will love these.

its friday!

happy friday peeps! i dont know about you but for us its been one of those crazy-run-around-with-our-heads-cut-off type of weeks! but in a good way of course. on monday we poured a ginormous batch of candles (check out our instagram for some behind the scenes photos) and now its…

{image via Rockett St George}

our favorite links for this week:

awesome cardboard arcade built by a 9-year old.

love this collection of “dipped” nature inspired home goods.

congrats to sacramento street‘s caitlin and her apartment therapy feature.

some desk envy via apartment 34

type.lites necklace in the works?? baublebar.

a little bit obsessed with paperfashion‘s amazing illustrations.

hoping to get dressed easier in the morning with a working closet.

enjoy your weekend, lovelies!!

friday, friday!

it’s friday…hallelujah! any big plans for the weekend? the passed few weeks have been crazy busy for us and we can’t wait to share the fun things we have in store. stay tuned! but for now, enjoy your weekend! can we get a…

{image friends of type}

and here’s some fun finds from around the web…

amazing house tour of sf’s own apartment 34 on design*sponge.

getting ready for more spring baking with homemade vanilla extract.

metallic twine, just to tie up some goodies. knot & bow.

pizza party? don’t mind if we do… plus, make your own leftover bag.

in love with samantha hahn’s food illustrations.

how fun would it have been to be the stylist for this OK Go video.

would LOVE to work in an office space like this.

could scroll through this tumblr for days. cubicle refugee.


yipee, it’s friday!

happy weekend everyone! hope ya’ll had a wonderful week and have an even more fantastic weekend. we’re looking forward to some much needed r&r over the next few days. here’s a few fun links from around the web…

the beauty of a handwritten letter.

light painted type tutorial.

no bake bread??! sesame pancake bread on design*sponge.

serif tote bag!

terrariums! and lots of ‘em!

new mantra. slow down and prioritize! easier said than done though, right?

lastly, check out this charming video about the story behind the iconic “keep calm and carry on” poster and the bookstore that brought it back to life

have a fabulous weekend.

any big plans for the weekend? we’ve got a few candle orders to deliver and then hopefully find time to relax and enjoy a nice glass of vino with some girlfriends. and, of course, Mad Men starts up again this sunday. for all the don draper fans out there, you’ll love this and this. and this video will will make you lol.  here’s some of our favorite finds from the web this week.

{image helloitsvalentine}

one scarf, three possibilities. especially in love with the chignon!

a unique shelving system. if you can bear to slice up your vintage suitcases!

eyeing these pouches from missibaba.

adorable recipe card holders and dog cards at rifle paper co.

spring is here! time to get organized with these brass folder clips.

yours is the earth‘s fun, food inspired paper goods.

and how about some type-inspired chocolate? we say, heck yes!

{image design*sponge}