black market sf

get ready for some fun this saturday, typeliters!

we can’t wait for sf’s first exclusive night market: black market sf. we’ll be joining select artists and food vendors to bring the best of the city to this exclusive event. here is your official invite to join us on Saturday to eat, drink and shop the night away!


culinary cravings: strawberries

good morning type.liters! today, another installment of culinary cravings. we’ve been inspired by strawberries lately, at the farmer’s market, grocery store and of course all over the web. so they are the perfect subject for today and hopefully this post will keep you satisfied throughout strawberry season.

you can’t have strawberries without shortcake, so how about a fun twist by adding almonds? we can’t forget strawberry iced tea or macarons for our sweet tooth and to include something closer to the savory side: a quinoa, spinach and strawberry salad. try one or a few of these and let us know what your favorites are. enjoy!

shortcakes / iced tea / macaroons / salad / caramel / butter

culinary cravings: lemons

we’ll be honest, we’ve been so caught up on our egg kick (here, too), that we thought about doing an egg post for today’s culinary cravings post. but spring has sprung and it’s really time for some sprite. first up is our favorite lemon incorporated foods. of course cupcakes, lemonade and lemon bars are a must, but what about some savory things like lemon risotto or pasta? we’re excited for sunnier days, what are lemon foods are your favorites?

cupcakes / lemonade / pasta / gelato / risotto / lemon bars

pantone tarts

o my. we are smitten with these pantone tarts created by French Art Director Emilie Griottes. the styling on these picture perfect pastries make them almost too perfect to eat! we love how each photo highlights the natural colors of common, everyday foods. who knew a sliced up banana could be so stunning!? If you love these handmade pastries, then we highly suggest you check out the other culinary treats over at Griottes.

{via my modern met and Griottes}