our latest [candle] obsession: wood wicks!

hello lovelies!

if you have seen our candles in person, you have no doubt seen that some of our container candles look a bit different than normal candles. and the reason? WOOD WICKS!!


we’ve gotten lots of questions about “those wood things in your candles” and we’d like to take a moment to tell you more about these wonderful wicks.

first of all, these babies are FABULOUS! they are all natural and burn right at the top of the wax, sometimes resulting in a lower flame. the other thing that we love? the subtle crackling sounds they make when burned! sounds of a fire… perfect for the winter months.

a word of advice -  you may need to re-light them in the beginning stages of burning. we’ve also found that burning these candles for at least 2 hours get the best results from your candle. if you haven’t tried these wicks yet, what are you waiting for?? they’re perfect for creating that special ambiance any day of the week.


current obsession: cinemagraphs

How cool are these animated GIFs?! New York based photographer, Jamie Beck and web designer, Kevin Burg have created a series of cinemagraphs that we’re slightly obsessed with. The motion is subtle and sometimes eerie but each image captures a moment in time that is absolutely mesmerizing.  We’ve posted a few of our favorites but you can see their entire collection on their website and on Jamie’s blog from me to you.

Don’t these make you want to go to NYC? *sigh*



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