crazy for color: neon

we’ve been hit by a color trend: neon. yellows, blues, oranges, pinks, and greens (un)specifically. maybe it’s a bit 80′s of us, but this neon is pure 2012. if you don’t dare try a neon pant or top, venture into it with some fun accessories. a neon stripe or trim here or there, paired with a fun piece of jewelry is the easiest way to sport neon.

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current obsession: blanca gomez of cosas minimas

today, we’d like to share our obsession with the lovely illustrator blanca gomez. it started a while back with a couple of these prints. we love the layered color as well as the unusual forms. plus, we love anything that’s serenely romantical. here are some of favorites, enjoy!

pop city

happy summer type.liters!! as apparent from our recent posts (here), we are ready for summer. and what better than popsicles to kick it off?! whether you make some popsicles yourself or get them from your favorite grocery store, go get ‘em!

we love this watercolor print, a fun necklace or even some cute desk accessories. take a cue today and add some pops to your life!

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tote-ally fabulous

june 20th is taking it’s good ole time coming around, so we thought we’d get a head start on summer things, especially since it’s been feeling like summer here in the bay area lately. whether you’re showing your sf pride, a handy recipe card or adorable dots, you can’t go wrong with any of these tote bags. pack it up with some sunscreen, treats and a water bottle and see where the sun takes you. enjoy the day!

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current obsession: the ocean and all things nautical

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all aboard! reinforcing our love of navy and white: anything nautical. we are ready for the sunshine, waves and salty breeze and definitely a margarita or mojito to go with it! but what about for when we can’t be there? we’re reminding ourselves to make an effort to get there. how about an impromtu handwritten note, or a nautical manicure to stripe up your day? we love this braided doormat, perfect for a beach house or perhaps, a houseboat?? and don’t forget some pretty soaps. there’s nothing like washing your worries away, in the sink or the ocean, to remind us all to enjoy the moment.

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