summer sips

we’re counting the days until summer officially starts, and what better way to start with some lovely libations for the season? here are a few of our favorite sips, enjoyed either under some shade outdoors or in the comfort of your couch and the a/c.

we can’t really say no to sangria, especially since you can take a recipe as inspiration and use whatever you have on hand. but for something a little different while still refreshing, try this tropical spin – the pineapple limeade cooler. our last fruit infused drink brings a touch of mint to this peach and blackberry muddle. let us know what you’re doing while sipping these delicious drinks and we’ll see you this summer!

white sangriapineapple limeade coolerpeach and blackberry muddle

current obsession/culinary cravings: ice cream

happy wednesday type.liters! with the warm weather we enjoyed at the urban air market a few weeks ago, we were able to have a little taste of summer from smitten. this adorable little shop created a huge line in hayes valley, making it hard for us to ignore our year-round favorite: ice cream! so today we are sharing some of our favorite ice cream related goodies and some delicious recipes to give homemade ice cream your own spin.

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we’re huge fans of rocky road and mint chocolate chip. what are your favorite ice cream flavors?


culinary cravings: barbeque menu

we couldn’t exactly suggest the idea of a barbeque day without actually giving you ideas on what to eat, right? that would be oh-so rude. so today, we’re completing the preparations and helping you decide what to put on the barbie.

grilled guacomole / bruschetta with gorgonzola and grilled pears

grilled corn salad / balsamic grilled vegetables

how could we ignore the idea of grilled pizzas? super easy and definitely a crowd pleaser. plus, grilling veggies makes them extra delicious. and don’t forget to treat your guests with some ice cream at the end of the meal, it’s the perfect end to a barbeque.

fig, prosciutto, and goat cheese pizza / rosemary chicken kebabs

grilled peaches with bourbon vanilla whipped creamlime coconut sorbet

get ready for grilling

with memorial day just around the corner, we thought we’d get everyone ready for some grilling. there’s nothing like some bbq to kick off the summer months! today, our favorite grilling accessories for the perfect bbq with family and friends. whether you’re in your backyard, at the park or at the beach, we’re sure you’ll be ready to get your grill on with an arsenal of bamboo meat markers, grilling sauce and aprons.

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culinary cravings: strawberries

good morning type.liters! today, another installment of culinary cravings. we’ve been inspired by strawberries lately, at the farmer’s market, grocery store and of course all over the web. so they are the perfect subject for today and hopefully this post will keep you satisfied throughout strawberry season.

you can’t have strawberries without shortcake, so how about a fun twist by adding almonds? we can’t forget strawberry iced tea or macarons for our sweet tooth and to include something closer to the savory side: a quinoa, spinach and strawberry salad. try one or a few of these and let us know what your favorites are. enjoy!

shortcakes / iced tea / macaroons / salad / caramel / butter